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Karl D – Existential Funk(TranceFunk Dub Mix)

I’ve been talking up the Existential Funk Remixes and B-Sides EP that’s been in the works.

With the release of this crown jewel of the collection, the album Modify Your Mind: The Existential Funk B-Sides and Remix EP is now available in the Free Downloads section.

The electro-breakbeat original gets a tough hardtrance rework in this mix.  Two remixes are available in the full EP: the dub mix included in this post, as well as the full vocal mix. Enjoy the dub mix as a preview, and I’m sure you’ll want to download the whole album in hi-quality 256kbps MP3 format!

(If you haven’t heard the original yet, you can stream or buy it on the Existential Funk page).


Today I have some very European-sounding, uplifting, melodic “Classical” trance for you. I use that term because I think this is less like trance as it stands today, and more like the melodic trance of the mid-90s.


Starting out the 2nd volume:  this track should appeal to fans of progressive house.  I generally stayed away from prog-house most of the time, but John Digweed’s sets have always appealed to me.  This track reminds me of that classic sound that progressive house was always supposed to be – slower than trance, techier than house, and always dreamy and a little soft around the edges.


This is as close to a holiday song as I come.

Although not really holiday-inspired, the track reminded me a lot of winter and the epic emotions we all go through during this time of year.

Enjoy your holidays!


Been awhile since the last post, eh?  Partly due to being on vacation, partly because I was still jamming to the last one.  Hopefully that goes for you too.

The following track is melodic, dreamy trance.  I had high hopes for this to be on the album but couldn’t make it work in time.  Keeping my expectations low for track length seems to make it ok.


Roomy, housy trance for your enjoyment.

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