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This is somewhere between an EP and a “mix series” entry. This short EP is presented in mixed format; this is a collection of tech house composed exclusively on flights from PHX-PHL and PHX-MFR.

Although the tracks are shorter and less complex than my typical releases, producing this way this was an interesting constraint. I used the iOS app Groovebox to create these tracks, then stitched them together using Ableton back at home.

All of the tracks and the mix are presented without any fancy effects, this is as straight-up as it gets. This reminds me a lot of a lot of early stuff I did based on that simplicity, as well as Pattern Recognition but with a little more cohesion of the individual tracks.

This album is a Bandcamp exclusive and free download. Please visit Bandcamp through the player below to download this EP.

Karl D – Nightmare

I’m working on a short EP release called Rock the Bells, featuring a few tracks containing a common theme – you guessed it, bells.  The EP isn’t done yet, but I’m happy to offer the first track from this release, as it seems slightly Halloween appropriate to do so.

Melodically speaking, this draws a bit of (somewhat conscious) influence from the “Halloween” theme music, although it dosen’t sample it directly.  I’m so pleased with the way this turned out, and it definitely has a spooky, dark vibe perfect for a Halloween party!

Edit 04/06/17: Visit Bandcamp with the link below to download “Nightmare” and the entire Rock the Bells EP.

Karl D – Mirror-World (Original and Remix)

“Mirror-world.  …Cars are reversed, left to right, inside; telephone handsets have a different weight, a different balance; the covers of paperbacks look like Australian money.”

-William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

“Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.”

-Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

“Mirror-world” originally debuted in the Mix Series compilation Pattern Recognition, both of which take their name from the William Gibson book Pattern Recognition referenced above.

Gibson has long been a favorite author of mine, and the book was a crucial point of inspiration for the track and compilation as a whole.  In the book, the protagonist Cayce frequently notes the “mirror-world” like contrast of London to her normal American surroundings.   This isn’t just literary “fluff”; the fact that she notices at all is a critical aspect of the character and a central point of the book.  Cayce is someone who obsesses over details and correlates subtle details from the world around her.

Today is the eve of my 34th birthday, and I’m reminded that getting old is sort of like meeting the mirror-world version of yourself.  So much is the same, but so much is different.

Speaking about the tracks, the remix is one I’ve been working on for a while, and is another one that takes on a vivid transformation.  From the original’s floaty techno abstraction, the remix goes to 170 BPM to become a drum and bass track with a bit more structure, and maintains some of the atmosphere but gains a harder edge.

This was an interesting remix to do, as much of the material was directly in-sourced from the original itself, but the samples were manipulated to become different components.

Karl D – Mirror-world

Karl D – Mirror-world(Remix)

Karl D – Fractal

As the title implies; a complex, multipartite piece which weaves in a few different directions.  Cerebral, minimal acid techno.

The track has been brewing for a few months, but the title is inspired by a photo I recently took in Seattle.  What an interesting vegetable, and wonderful city!

edit 06/14/19: Download Fractal from Bandcamp below, along with Cubism, in the new digital single. 


Karl D – Cubism(Foundation Outtake)

This track was produced alongside the other exclusives created for FOUNDATION.  It probably took the most time to produce, and it’s also the longest.  The latter is one of the reasons I decided to scrap this track at least with regards to the mix; another reason is that it just didn’t fit in with the straightforward nature of the rest of the mix.

Describing “Cubism” positively rather than highlighting what it isn’t, this techy track starts with subtle space and peaks with a big acidic bassline.  Minimal, yet big on the buildup.

edit 06/14/19: Download Cubism from Bandcamp below, along with Fractal, in the new digital single. 

Karl D – Reactor

Starts pretty simply, but gains momentum.

I like how it turned out – much “housier” than anticipated.  Sort of like slow Dutch house.

Karl D – Reactor(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)

Karl D – Ghost

If you think “Ghost” is a bit similar to“Logic Bomb”, it’s not an entirely unreasonable observation.

Essentially, “Ghost” and “Logic Bomb” were two stems grown from the same idea.  Initially, they could have been the parts of the same track, but they each evolved into it’s own thing – “Logic Bomb” taking on a much more aggressive, thick sound, and “Ghost” exaggerating the more minimal and quiet elements I wanted to include.

Did you already catch the short-but-thrilling breakdown in the middle of this track when this debuted in Pattern Recognition

Karl D – Ghost(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)


Karl D – Logic Bomb

As promised, here is the first release from Pattern Recognition.

If you listened to the mix, you may have identified “Logic Bomb” as something of a high point.

The track was intended as something of a peak time throwdown – I think it turned into something different along the way, and I’m glad for it.  Stylistically, many of the instruments are heavy with grit, and the measured pace on the drum track help this stand out.  I think this still has the “big room” feel I was looking for, without being too obvious or cliché .

Karl D – Logic Bomb(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)

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