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Karl D – Momentary(Dark Breaks mix)

This mix of “Momentary” is the next track to be included in the soon-to-be available “Electronic Monk” EP. Like the last two remixes, a drastic change in tempo changes the feeling of the track.

The track has the same overall structure of the D&B original, but changes were made to the bass, drums, and FX which all contribute to the change in flow of the track. The vocal sample that is included in this mix was originally meant to be in the original, but I felt the minimalist approach to the original mix worked best. It definitely pumps up the excitement in this mix!

Karl D – Evening(Karl’s Sunset mix)

The next remix candidate for the upcoming EP(which will be titled Electronic Monk) is Evening, another one of my favorites from “Existential Funk”.

This EP is quickly evolving into a series of experiments on the tempo of the remixed tracks.  The Modify Your Mind EP changed the remixed songs dramatically, but without much change to their tempo.  The first song remixed for this new EP, “The Exchange”, gained around 50 BPM in it’s remix.

“Evening” is a fascinating track to me in it’s original form because on different days, it sounds different to me.  Some days, it sounds fast and vibrant, others, slow and paced.  “Evening” loses 15 BPM in this mix(down to 110 from 125).  This remix is decidedly slow and chilled out, and generates a much different listening experience.  Although the original “Evening” is meant to be enjoyed much later in the evening, the “Sunset Mix” is meant, as the title suggests, to be enjoyed closer to dusk, cold drink in hand.

Karl D – The Exchange(Drum and Bass mix)

I felt so passionately about the last remix EP I did for Existential Funk”, I decided I’d continue.  There is plenty more material to remix, and lots more material that needed a platform to be released on(i.e. Toxin).

The EP will be released similarly to “Modify Your Mind”, by releasing the individual songs one by one in the main blog.  Once the EP is complete, all the songs will be available in a ZIP file in the download section.

The first remix that will be included in this EP is one of my favorite tracks from “Existential Funk”(Stream here):  “The Exchange”.  “Exchange” was literally the last track I completed, and it was done within a day.  Like some of the other remixed tracks from the last EP, this track is taking on a vivid metamorphosis.  The ambient trip-hop drama is transformed into a dubby, introspective drum and bass track in this remix.

Karl D – Wurble(Dubstep Mix)

The next remix from the Existential Funk Remix EP(Coming soon to the downloads section) is of what became one of my favorite songs from the album.  The psychedelic tech-house track is transformed in this dubstep remix, accentuatting the dub influence and changing the melody slightly without differentiating it too much from the original(If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream or buy it on the Existential Funk page).

This was a great remix to do mostly because of the vivid transformation the track took on.

Old Tracks: No Greater Love

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is posting some older original tracks for listeners who may not be familiar with some of the older material. This is the first in a series of related posts.

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my major influences is Eurodance, and nothing shows that better than “No Greater Love”.  I believe I composed this track in late 2001/early 2002.  This song is significant for several reasons:

  • At the time, I used a different kind of sequencing software which was nearly impossible for a serious musician to use, however I had grown very proficient at using it, despite it’s limitations.  The sample based software only had 3 “tracks” which consisted of 16 positions each where you could place notes or drum samples, for a total of 48 total notes or drums in a bar.
  • This was one of the first real melodic songs I ever composed.  I had done some other things, but they were mostly beaty hardhouse.
  • It eventually rose up on independent music site SoundClick’s Euro chart to a top position of #51 out of 1,820.

So, dear listener, I give you, the original and remixed versions of “No Greater Love”.

Karl D – No Greater Love

Karl D – No Greater Love(Remix)

Lunik – Weather(Karl D mix)

Years ago, I entered a remix contest for the band Lunik.  For those of you who don’t know, Lunik is a Swiss pop/trip hop(a la Cardigans) band featuring the lovely Jaël as the lead singer.  She has also done a couple tracks with Canadian group Delerium.

Lunik held the contest to promote their new album “Weather”.  The objective was to remix the title track from the album.

I entered the following to the contest.  I felt the tune was perfect for a dnb/trip hop treatment, but I needed to slow it way down to match the tempo I had in mind.  You may find the timestretching of the samples sounds obviously “fragmented” in some places because of this.

Sadly, I didn’t win the contest.  Either it was because I was American or they just plain didn’t like it.  I still feel it’s some of my best work.  I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Lunik – Weather(Karl D Mix)

Karl D – Just Like the First Time (Remix)

I did a track once called “Just Like the First Time“.  It has always been one of my favorites, but certain things kept me from putting it on the album.  First, it had some flaws in how it was recorded.  It could have been more precise in some areas.  Secondly, it contains an unlicensed “Amen Break”.  Might not be a big deal for some people or producers, but Existential Funk for me was all about being original.  I even tried re-recording the song to take care of those two problems, but it didn’t feel the same.

Instead, I took an afternoon and popped out a remix:

“Just Like the First Time” Remix

Sadly this has some unlicensed samples on it as well so it couldn’t make the album.  It does have a different feel than the original, and aligns with some of the “nu-rave” stuff going on right now.  I love the second part – there’s some serious hardcore style in there!

“Just Like the First Time” Original Mix:

Just Like the First Time

Something to wet your palate

Here’s something to start you out with.  This is another “dosen’t count yet” post.  Anybody remember the rap song I produced for MC Husky?

I started work on a remix version a long time ago(near the time of the recording).  This changes the gangsta-rap slow burn into a hard drum and bass workout.

Mc Husky – “Outcast” Karl D Remix

I was also working on a D&B remix of Powerhouse’s “What You Need”, and I found that the melody worked better than the original one I concocted:

Powerhouse – “What You Need” Karl D Remix

Sadly, neither of these came to full fruition.  I didn’t have the resources to dedicate to them.  I wasn’t crazy about the direction the “What You Need” remix was taking, and by then I had started work on “Existential Funk”, so near-unreleasable hobby remixes were becoming a low priority.

MC Husky and Karl D – Outcast(Original Mix)

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