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Karl D – Highway Battle

Been a long summer without publishing anything, and I have a few things that I’ve just been sitting on.  So, without further ado…

Today’s selection is a breaks track, with a heavy acid bassline holding the whole thing together.

Also included is a remix including vocals from Eddie Amador’s classic “Rise” – this brought a little extra character to what is, as is almost always the case in my productions, an instrumental.  This was an early inclusion during production, and I think it fits well, but I made a concious decision not to center the track around this; this is therefore not really a remix of “Rise” itself but rather an addition.

Karl D – Highway Battle (right click and choose “Save As” to download)

Karl D – Highway Battle vs. Eddie Amador – Rise (right click and choose “Save As” to download)

Karl D – Mirror-World (Original and Remix)

“Mirror-world.  …Cars are reversed, left to right, inside; telephone handsets have a different weight, a different balance; the covers of paperbacks look like Australian money.”

-William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

“Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.”

-Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

“Mirror-world” originally debuted in the Mix Series compilation Pattern Recognition, both of which take their name from the William Gibson book Pattern Recognition referenced above.

Gibson has long been a favorite author of mine, and the book was a crucial point of inspiration for the track and compilation as a whole.  In the book, the protagonist Cayce frequently notes the “mirror-world” like contrast of London to her normal American surroundings.   This isn’t just literary “fluff”; the fact that she notices at all is a critical aspect of the character and a central point of the book.  Cayce is someone who obsesses over details and correlates subtle details from the world around her.

Today is the eve of my 34th birthday, and I’m reminded that getting old is sort of like meeting the mirror-world version of yourself.  So much is the same, but so much is different.

Speaking about the tracks, the remix is one I’ve been working on for a while, and is another one that takes on a vivid transformation.  From the original’s floaty techno abstraction, the remix goes to 170 BPM to become a drum and bass track with a bit more structure, and maintains some of the atmosphere but gains a harder edge.

This was an interesting remix to do, as much of the material was directly in-sourced from the original itself, but the samples were manipulated to become different components.

Karl D – Mirror-world

Karl D – Mirror-world(Remix)

Old Tracks: Pump It/Pump It 2014

“Pump It” was my first experiment with music production. According to my records, it was put together in 2001.

For the FOUNDATION mix, I put together a remix with a more modern feel. Lately I’ve been very inclined to update some of my own older material in this way: pick out the parts I liked when I put them together, and make the technical end a little sharper with the tricks I’ve picked up over the last decade or so.

At the time the first iteration came out, I was influenced by a lot of hard house, in particular Klubbheads, but wanted to put my own spin on it. The new version has some reference to the original, but has a much less frantic pace and a big room feel.

Karl D – Pump It(right click and choose Save As to download)

Karl D – Pump It 2014(right click and choose Save As to download)

Karl D – Reactor(Remix)

Similar to the last offering, this remix was made specifically for SHOCKEDand also made a dramatic departure from a more subdued original.

This was intentionally simple.  “Reactor” had an existing electro influence in the form of the synth.  That was about the only part that stayed in the remix, but I liked the way that the stripped down drums and the synth turned this remix into a more “raw” version.

Karl D – Reactor(Remix)(Right click and choose Save As to download)

Karl D – Dante’s Revenge

This is one of the featured selections in the recent Electro mix I did.

For the uninitiated, this is a remix of an old favorite of mine.   The pace is changed dramatically in this version, and adds some “dancefloor heat” that the original could not be farther from.


Karl D  – Dante’s Revenge(Right click and choose Save As to download)

Lasgo – Alone(Karl D Remix)

Much to my own surprise, I’m going to have some fresh content coming for you soon.  This remix from 2003 or so should hold you over until then:

I’ve never tried to distance myself from Eurodance music.  I’m big on the classics, like La Bouche and N-Trance, but Lasgo was one of the more relevant “nu-skool” Eurodance artists of the 2000s.  I’m really into several of their big hits.

During my concurrent(and ongoing) fascination with Hard House, I did this remix of “Alone”, one of my most favorite Lasgo tracks.   I made the decision to only include part of the vocals which I felt were really the core of the song.  There’s some very technical Hoover riffs as well as some revised instrumentation on the main melody, both of which I really wanted to be the stars of the show.

Lasgo – Alone(Karl D Remix)

NIN – The Beginning of the End(Karl D Mix)

The latest focus for my efforts has been another Nine Inch Nails song.  Of the material available for producers on the NIN site, the two songs I was most interested in remixing were “Lights in the Sky“, and “The Beginning of the End”.  “Lights in the Sky” was a pretty experimental project and took some time to develop, but “The Beginning” I knew almost right away how I wanted it to sound. It’s taken a while to get my vision tracked accurately, but this is pretty representative of how I originally thought about my remix. The ghostly sounding pads’ melody for the chorus is an element I knew I would add right away, and it sounds almost exactly the way it did in my head.

The tempo is maintained at the original 140 BPM in this mix, replacing guitars for a glitchy, persistent bassline which I think adds a “marchy” quality to the song.  I really like the breakdown near the end which then tears back in to the main chorus’ melody, without Trent’s vocals on the second round.  Short and sweet, but not short on excitement.

NIN – The Beginning Of The End(Karl D mix)

Update: This remix is now also live on the NIN official remix site here:

NIN – Lights in the Sky(Karl D Ambient Dub)

“Finally”, you shout at the computer, “Some new content on!”

I’ve been working on this for quite some time now, probably since the last piece of music that was posted here.   I wanted to start doing more remixes of other artists’ work, and with NIN having some of the most accessible source material around, I decided to start there.

I wanted to start with “Lights in the Sky” because it was my favorite track from The Slip. “Lights in the Sky” is an incredibly challenging piece of music to work with, firstly because of the slow 55 BPM tempo, and because of the dull chords throughout the track.  I’ve heard one or two other really neat mixes of this song, but my mix adds(rather than subtracts) to the track in very subtle ways. I added some bass effects throughout the track, with some extra-deep bass during the chorus.  Trent’s vocals also have a slight glitch effect applied to them, which gives the song a much more synthetic feel to it.

NIN – Lights in the Sky(Karl D mix)

Update: This remix is now also live on the NIN official remix site here:

I am working on another NIN remix, but I won’t say what or when it’s coming!  Be on the lookout!

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