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pseudorandom: a retrospective of the best of the random beats series, 2008​-​2010

To the new listener of this site, the random beats series can be particularly difficult to navigate.  With 61 tracks and at 2 hours, 30 minutes of music, there has not been a good entry point…

…Until now.  Today I’ve released a compilation of the best of the random beats series.

pseudorandom focuses on 14 standout productions (according to yours truly) of the series.  Although you can get all these tracks today in the Free Downloads section of this site, the release of this compilation offers these tracks in the highest quality ever available.

Best of all, the compilation is totally free.  Follow the link in the player below to download from Bandcamp, or listen here.



This tech-trance random beat started simply enough, with the rhythm section and the grumbling bass.  It took an interesting turn as I continued to work on it.  Frankly, I didn’t mean for it to be quite as melodically uplifting(yet melancholy) as it came to be in the end.  Once I got the lead synth created, it all seemed to quickly come together.

Bear with me as you listen to this track.  Yes, they’ve been getting longer, but more rewarding in their dramatic progression.

This latest beat brings Vol. 5 to 29 minutes, 42 seconds, just short of the guideline of 30 minutes per volume.  This will therefore bring Vol. 5 to a close.  That being said, the whole volume is now available for download in the Free Downloads section.


I’ve been pondering the direction I wanted to take random beats vol. 5 since the last update.  After careful consideration, I have selected the following for 5_10.

Much more straightforward(not to mention mellow) than the last several posts, this one combines few elements to make something I find quite pleasant.


This is one EPIC-sized random beat!  Sometimes a track needs the extra time to evolve properly.  Lots of big sound in here, but I feel like I’m not sure everyone will appreciate the complexity.  Admittedly, there’s a lot going on.

I kept thinking about how very Hybrid-esque it sounded to me while I was making it.  Of course, I’m a huge fan, so it’s certain they’ve become a significant influence.


This track is like a random beats 2-for-1 sale.  Starting out as a uniform techno stomper, the tempo is modulated midway through to transform this minimal caterpillar into a paranoid dubstep butterfly.  There is sharp contrast between the two parts, despite using the same bass instrument.


This glitchy techno track has some great space to it.  The first instrument that comes in has a very spooky sound.  Once the sharp synth comes in, the track is very noticeably disrupted, but the spookiness continues.


Simple in it’s execution, but not without some technicality, this chilled-out dubstep track has 2 dueling basslines which compete for superiority while the electric piano adds some great texture.


After a short break, the random beats series is back!

Granted, this is not the longest random beat in this volume, but I think the livelihood of this very old-school sounding jungle roller makes up for its few faults.   I really like the fills that come in during the second half of the track.

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