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Old Tracks: Turbulence

Today, I’m resurrecting an old track from the archives that’s been a secret favorite of mine.  “Turbulence” is somewhat different from the majority of sounds I produce – I think it fits in with contemporary American drum and bass a little better than some other work(i.e. “Things You’ll Need to Know“).

When I made it, I wanted the focus of “Turbulence” to be the keyboards in the background.  The bassline that rolls through the whole track holds the whole track together, and the keyboards add tension until the big grinding synth comes in in the middle.

The name “Turbulence” came from the helicopter and airplane sound FX laced throughout the track, which add an incredible amount of atmosphere.  Generally I don’t use a lot of sound effects in production, but in this case, I knew they belonged from the beginning.  I think it was one of the first elements I put in.

Red Time: Soundtrack for a Movie Not Yet Made

Epic post time!  This is a big one, for good reason…

Before there was Existential Funk, “Things You’ll Need to Know”, or, there was Red Time.

Red Time started as a dream I had in 2002.  I can still recall the dream very vividly, and it had to do with moving backwards in time somehow.  I knew this was called “Red Time” because someone in the dream told me.

In the dream, I heard music.  The very next day, I put that same music into a song.

In the small circle of friends that I distributed my music to at the time, this was one of the most popular songs. The concept was just as popular.

I hoped to one day write a short story, as well as a film based on Red Time.  In the time between 2003 and 2004, I worked almost exclusively on the soundtrack to the film.  Because the music was so important to the idea of Red Time, I wanted the soundtrack done first.

Sadly, with a budding “real job”, my time for screenwriting went way down, and the project never really got started.  However, the soundtrack was nearly complete.  I nearly released it as a full album(despite the film not being complete), but I felt that it was too short.

Because of the new format of, I felt now was the perfect time to let this “in to the wild.”  The album is slow, melodic trip-hop mixed with house and breakbeat.  While I was telling people about the project back in ’03, the multi-talented Matt Wilson of screen and stage volunteered the following illustration for a cover.  I felt it summed it up nicely.

Hear the entire album below, or at Bandcamp! You can download the album in it’s entirety from the Bandcamp link.

Old Tracks: No Greater Love

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is posting some older original tracks for listeners who may not be familiar with some of the older material. This is the first in a series of related posts.

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my major influences is Eurodance, and nothing shows that better than “No Greater Love”.  I believe I composed this track in late 2001/early 2002.  This song is significant for several reasons:

  • At the time, I used a different kind of sequencing software which was nearly impossible for a serious musician to use, however I had grown very proficient at using it, despite it’s limitations.  The sample based software only had 3 “tracks” which consisted of 16 positions each where you could place notes or drum samples, for a total of 48 total notes or drums in a bar.
  • This was one of the first real melodic songs I ever composed.  I had done some other things, but they were mostly beaty hardhouse.
  • It eventually rose up on independent music site SoundClick’s Euro chart to a top position of #51 out of 1,820.

So, dear listener, I give you, the original and remixed versions of “No Greater Love”.

Karl D – No Greater Love

Karl D – No Greater Love(Remix)

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