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Karl D – Faces of Death

This track is probably a direct descendant of “Future Chillout Dubstep”, since it was made during/after the compilation.

Using a well known sample from Method Man and Redman’s “How High”, this track is similar to some other dubstep work I’ve produced.  I’m finding my style in this area can be significantly more chilled-out than some of my influences, like Skream! or Rusko.

This concludes the “Mumble and Slouch” EP, which can now be downloaded in its entirety in the Downloads section.  I hope to bring you some more great content soon.

Karl D – Faces of Death(Download – Right click and choose Save As)

Karl D – Mumble and Slouch

There’s been a few songs I’ve released lately without being part of an album.  Since a few of them were piling up, I decided to compile them together as an EP.

This EP will be called “Mumble and Slouch”.  Today, I present the title track to you.

Obviously, there’s not much going on here.  The whole idea was for this track to be a little less “in your face”, but there was some room for some interesting elements.

This EP will collect “Dum Spiro Spero“, “Foresight“, “Aeon“, this track, and one yet to be produced.  As soon as it is complete, it will find a home in the Free Downloads section, among the rest of the material available on this site.

Karl D – Aeon

Check out this just finished, spaced-out drum and bass track!

“Aeon” is in the same vein of “Things You’ll Need to Know”.  It drones on and on with a persistent synth in the background, while a complex drum loop is brought in early to give this song some “intelligent” depth. Overall, there’s some influence of minimal techno quite obviously(and very intentionally) present here.

Very little of my drum and bass work is appropriate for a dancefloor or has a definite climax, but I think the track rolls along nicely.

Karl D – Aeon

Karl D – Foresight

This track was stagnant for quite some time before I took some advice from a Doctor who told me that “Slow is Better”. (Sorry if this looks like a plug.  I really do like that commercial!  Step off! 🙂 )

What started as a hardcore-sounding trance tune lost about 40 BPM to become a much more glitchy trip hop jam.

I’m feeling very comfortable with the 110-BPM tempo right now.  Another favorite of mine is the remix of Evening, which has a similar tempo.

Karl D – Foresight

Karl D – Dum Spiro Spero

The title is Latin, and might as well be called “The one that has a name I can’t remember”.

This production is raw, dirty, and admittedly busy.  At first I wanted this to sound cleaner as a whole, but I think it sounds good with a little dirt on it.  The contrast between the general grit of the track with the clean, ethereal synth providing the chords was very interesting to me.  That kind of contrast has been fundamental to several key productions of mine over the years, so this track in a way felt like a “return to my roots”.

Karl D – Dum Spiro Spero

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