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Karl D – Metaphysics II

Announcing a big EP release: Metaphysics II. This EP is a sequel to the original. It’s important for me to keep this lineage alive for a couple reasons. Most importantly, as a instrumental hip-hop album it is a pretty drastic departure from most of my other work.

Like the original EP (which started as a Mix Series entry, one that was maybe the most fun for me), the tracks in Metaphysics II explore the lines between hip-hop and electronica.

I have to reiterate as I did when I released the first one: hip-hop is so important to me as a musician. It was actually hip-hop that brought me into the electronic world (although house kinda took over once I got there). Hip-hop certainly isn’t the same anymore as it was, but that’s ok. Music is all about moving culture forward, this EP for me is my entry to that, reflecting what I see back out.

Metaphysics II is available in all major music stores and streaming platforms. You can listen to the entirety of Metaphysics II in a mixed-tape format using the Bandcamp link below; Bandcamp listeners will get this for free when purchasing the album there (where it is cheapest). Mix Series 08: METAPHYSICS – A Journey Through Another Dimension of Hip Hop

I find it hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years since the last entry in the Mix Series, and yet here we are.

As it happens, this mix has been brewing for quite a bit of that time – from conception, this mix has been several months in the making.  I knew I wanted to do a hip hop mix eventually, but (admittedly) it’s not my format, which meant I had to take a lot of time to build up my library.

My involvement with electronic music in general started with turntablism, so I’ve always recognized the influence that hip hop has had on electronic music.  In an interesting (and unexpected, to me) turn, modern hip hop has evolved in the last several years to include more techno elements.

Almost all of the tracks here are new exclusives – nearly every one was made specifically for this mix.  Some may consider most of the tracks to be a bit leftfield, but it’s one I consider modern, with my own unique voice.  Like all of the mixes I do, this is an opportunity to create and a “snapshot in time”.

At the collision of hip hop and techno, there is a new dimension of music.  This is METAPHYSICS.

  1. 0:00   Karl D – Introduction to Metaphysics
  2. 1:40    Karl D – Misdirection
  3. 2:40   Karl D – ILLENUF
  4. 4:55    Karl D – Digit-ill
  5. 8:18     Karl D – Rockbreaks 1: Takin’ a Ride
  6. 11:02    Karl D – Imagine
  7. 15:04    Karl D – Ultra-Fly
  8. 17:14    Karl D – Prime Cut
  9. 20:02    Karl D – Modem Jazz
  10. 22:31    Karl D – Low Earth Orbit

Thanks for checking this mix out! You can now get the exclusive tracks from this mix anywhere you buy music, in the “Metaphysics EP”. The best deal to be had is on Bandcamp:

Karl D – Imagine

“Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.”

-Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black

This track joins a special club – that which includes compositions which slowed my computer to a crawl when inventing them, or crashed the computer entirely.  This speaks both to the complexity of the song, as well as my intention to persist when making them.  There are hundreds more that didn’t make the cut, usually because of the failure of the latter (my intention to continue on).

Computer heartbreaks aside, this song is pretty special.  Along with “Rasta Breakfast“, it’s one of the only songs I’ve ever done with a horn section, although a synthetic one.  Seasoned listeners on this site should notice a fairly drastic difference between this and much of my other work.  However, it draws from an often dormant, but long-nurtured love I have for hip-hop.

Edit 04/06/19: “Imagine” is now a part of the METAPHYSICS EP, available  wherever you enjoy music.  You can listen to and download it from Bandcamp using the player below.

Rockbreaks 2: Jumpin’ Jack Flash

The 2nd in the “Rockbreaks” series came very quickly and easily to me after creating the first one.  This time, I used a more straightforward, clubby break with Peter Frampton’s live recording of “Jumpin Jack Flash”. Both this, and Rockbreaks 1 I tried not to complicate too much, so yes, it is loopy at times.

However, same rule as the last post applies:  Any MC who wants to drop science over these beats, pop them to me and I’ll post them.  The challenge has been issued.

Direct Link

Rockbreaks 1: Takin’ a Ride

A while back I came up with a concept for a couple of tracks called “Rockbreaks”.  These were hip hop beats mixed with classic rock.  I came up with a couple of them, one of which I present to you now:

The sample is “Takin’ a Ride” by Don Felder from the Heavy Metal soundtrack.

There’s no lyrics so far – I’m no vocalist, but if some MC out there surprised me with a re-recording of this in my SoundCloud dropbox, i’d surely post it!

Direct link

Something to wet your palate

Here’s something to start you out with.  This is another “dosen’t count yet” post.  Anybody remember the rap song I produced for MC Husky?

I started work on a remix version a long time ago(near the time of the recording).  This changes the gangsta-rap slow burn into a hard drum and bass workout.

Mc Husky – “Outcast” Karl D Remix

I was also working on a D&B remix of Powerhouse’s “What You Need”, and I found that the melody worked better than the original one I concocted:

Powerhouse – “What You Need” Karl D Remix

Sadly, neither of these came to full fruition.  I didn’t have the resources to dedicate to them.  I wasn’t crazy about the direction the “What You Need” remix was taking, and by then I had started work on “Existential Funk”, so near-unreleasable hobby remixes were becoming a low priority.

MC Husky and Karl D – Outcast(Original Mix)

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