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The Exchange (2018 Hard House Mix)

I’ve been trying to find the right way to share this, and I think I found the right way.

Because They are Hard featured a lot of old tracks that were updated with some more “pep”, but the most drastic transformation was for “The Exchange”. This is one of my favorite old tracks, and I really enjoyed giving it some new life with this remix.

This track was the only true “new” content from the compilation, unlike most of the other recent compilations that have gone on to become EPs, this didn’t really have enough new stuff to pass that bar (even though this might be my favorite from the Mix Series). So, I want to make this available to you in the simplest way possible.

Please enjoy a high-quality free download through Soundcloud:

randombeats.com Mix Series 09: Because They are Hard

…there is no money in this industry, but it’s still true…and it’s a music, like, which comes from your heart, from your soul.

-Lady Waks, US Tour Documentary

We choose to go to the moon.  We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

John F. Kennedy

In certain circles, “hard house” has been overshadowed by the more commercial “EDM”, but to me this is the difference of a craft-made beer vs. Pabst Blue Ribbon. One could argue each has their place, but something is missing for me with EDM (and PBR for that matter).

The quote from Lady Waks (she may have been talking breaks, but she’s spot on), as well as the one from Kennedy sum it up.  At this point, there’s no money in this, one has to really want to participate, both in creating and listening.  The hardness no longer refers to the just the music itself, it is a struggle to keep the community alive.  For an artist, the work has to be its own reward.

The mix is pretty diverse, spanning over 15 years of my own hard house production, mashed up in hard dance appropriate style with a few other tracks.  This has been in the works for a long time – perfection was the goal but doing the work is more important.

This is hard on purpose.  We do these things not because they are easy, but Because They are Hard.  

  1. (0:00) Karl D – Mashup intro
  2. (0:51) Karl D – Pure NRG (Remix)
    (1:52) Karl D – Rock the House
  3. (2:33) Karl D – 4_11 (Remix)
  4. (4:54) Karl D – Climbing to the Top vs. Brothers in Rhythm – Such a Good Feeling
  5. (7:34) Karl D – 3_01
  6. (10:08) Karl D – Unrefined Emotion (Remix)
  7. (13:32) Vengaboys – We Like to Party (Karl D Remix)
  8. (15:53) Karl D – At the Base of the Mountain (Remix) vs. Britney Spears – Til the World Ends
  9. (18:20) Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do us Part
  10. (21:07) Karl D – The Exchange (2018 Hard House Mix)


Karl D – Because They are Hard(right click and choose “Save As” to download)


Karl D – Good Vibration(Original & Hardstyle Mix)

A double release for today; if you’ve been keeping up with the site, you’ve heard half.

“Good Vibration” was an exclusive released originally as a part of FOUNDATION.  House aficionados(or maybe Marky Mark fans) will recognize the popular sample.

Lately, the bassline had been stuck in my head, although I heard it a different way than was originally rendered.  The hard dance angle is a good fit for this track, and a sharp contrast to the original.  The remix gains around 40 BPM over the original, as well as a rolling acid bassline and some ravey effects to pump up the excitement.

Funny thing is, I don’t even really care for the bulk of “Hardstyle” music, but sometimes sounds just fit a certain way.

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds.”
-Dizzy Gillespie

Karl D – Good Vibration(right click and choose “Save As” to download)

Karl D – Good Vibration(Hardstyle mix)(right click and choose “Save As” to download)

Karl D – Climbing to the Top

A bit of hard dance should brighten up the momentum of life.remixed. 

Hard house and hard trance used to be my bread and butter.  Now, compared to the dark trip-hop/breaks/general electronic style that dominates my style overall, this kind of release is somewhat anomalous.
I hope you find this one as exciting as I do.  This hard dance track is by far, the most “modern” one I ever remember producing.

Old Tracks: Black

I sense a depression in the amount of material I will release in the next several weeks.  I will instead fill you in on some other old tracks I still have in my cache.

This first track is from about 6 years ago, I suppose.  You may not think I might be crazy enough to do hardhouse covers of Sevendust songs, but you’d be wrong.

Sevendust has been for a long time one of my favorite metal bands, and Black has always been one of my favorite songs.  I’ve always been surprised to hear how much people liked this song.  Even people not really into electronic music or Sevendust have reported really enjoying this song.

Karl D – Black

12/26/09 – Whoops, forgot the download link. -KD

Karl D – FTL

You’ve already heard the first new track from the Electronic Monk EP(Toxin).  The other new track, and the final one from the new EP, is called “FTL”.

Stylistically, “FTL” sounds a bit like an up-tempo march.  The casual listener may find it a little repetetive and plain, but the song really dosen’t kick in until about halfway through the track.  I think the end result is quite thrilling!  Rather than keep talking about it, I would instead have you listen to it for yourself and generate your own perspective on it.

Because this is the last track for The Electronic Monk EP, the album is now available to download in its entirety in the Downloads section.  Enjoy!

Old Tracks: Rock the House

“Rock the House” was a song I made in about 2003 that was characteristic of the hard house I was listening to at the time.  Although I had been interested in American(NY, LA, and Chicago style) hardhouse for a while, I had just become familiar with UK hardhouse around 2001-2002.

At the time I created this track, I wanted to “prove to myself” I could conjure a competent, contemporary hardhouse track.  I’d immersed myself in lots of the Tidy Trax catalog during that time, and the song mirrors that influence with the presence of the famous Hoover sound, the klubby bass, and the hard, fast sampling and scratching.

Karl D – Rock the House


I’ve noticed that some of the most recent random beats have been increasing in their length.  I would say that it’s because there is a tension in the last few that could not be properly expressed in approximately 2 minutes.

This latest entry to the series contains all the elements of a great hard dance tune:  ravey pianos, a wicked synth line, and a good, tough groove.

I’ve been working on this particular project for almost a year, because I wanted to get the sound just right.  Additionally, this enters the hall of fame of tracks that have crashed my computer, which by my calculation means it’s one of the best ones.

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