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Evening / Things You’ll Need to Know

I’m pleased to let you know about another exciting release – this one is special.

Evening / Things You’ll Need to Know revisits in extended single form, two of my favorite tracks from Existential Funk. Within this release are some new remixes along some older ones; undoubtedly the stars of the show are the “Modern” mix of “Evening” and the so-called “Deeper” mix of “Things”.
I may take the time to discuss some of the other remixes in a later post, but to highlight these two in particular:

  • “Evening (Modern mix)” is a note-for-note re-creation of the original, but brings the unrestrained style to something a little more precise and distinguished. This is sort of a more foggy take on nu-breaks compared to the ravey original.
  • “Things You’ll Need to Know (Deeper mix)” is titled so because it has a drastically different soundset than the original, and a little more “depth” in this version of the drum and bass track. Like “Evening’s” new take, it is a nearly identical arrangement (with a little different take on the intro) but has a BIG new bassline at the breakdown. The original didn’t skimp on this, and this is a fresh take in a different direction.

This single is available everywhere, but Bandcamp listeners can enjoy special single pricing not available elsewhere! Click on the player below to listen and visit the Bandcamp page.

Existential Funk: Special Edition and Groupees Community 2 Bundle

I’m pleased to announce the release of the 5th Anniversary Special Edition of Existential Funk.

This has been in the works for a while, but needed the right platform to jump off.  This feels right to do – I wanted to commemorate the anniversary of the album’s initial release in 2008 in a meaningful way.  The package includes the original album, along with both remix EPs that went with the project all those years ago.  Plus, you’ll receive a PDF booklet containing “the complete history” of the album, as well as individual commentary from me on each track on the release.

This release is being featured in the Groupees Community 2 Bundle, where you can name your price to get more than 12 other albums, books, and games, along with my own release.  It’s a tremendous bargain, and part of your purchase can go to The Enough Project, a group committed to ending crimes against humanity.

I’m proud to have my release featured in this way, and excited to release this album to you as a part of this bundle.  Right now, the only way to get the Existential Funk – 5th Anniversary Special Edition is in the Groupees Community 2 bundle, so head there to grab your copy.  This bundle is only active for the next 2 weeks, so act fast.

Groupees Community 2 Bundle



Karl D – FTL

You’ve already heard the first new track from the Electronic Monk EP(Toxin).  The other new track, and the final one from the new EP, is called “FTL”.

Stylistically, “FTL” sounds a bit like an up-tempo march.  The casual listener may find it a little repetetive and plain, but the song really dosen’t kick in until about halfway through the track.  I think the end result is quite thrilling!  Rather than keep talking about it, I would instead have you listen to it for yourself and generate your own perspective on it.

Because this is the last track for The Electronic Monk EP, the album is now available to download in its entirety in the Downloads section.  Enjoy!

Karl D – Momentary(Dark Breaks mix)

This mix of “Momentary” is the next track to be included in the soon-to-be available “Electronic Monk” EP. Like the last two remixes, a drastic change in tempo changes the feeling of the track.

The track has the same overall structure of the D&B original, but changes were made to the bass, drums, and FX which all contribute to the change in flow of the track. The vocal sample that is included in this mix was originally meant to be in the original, but I felt the minimalist approach to the original mix worked best. It definitely pumps up the excitement in this mix!

Karl D – Evening(Karl’s Sunset mix)

The next remix candidate for the upcoming EP(which will be titled Electronic Monk) is Evening, another one of my favorites from “Existential Funk”.

This EP is quickly evolving into a series of experiments on the tempo of the remixed tracks.  The Modify Your Mind EP changed the remixed songs dramatically, but without much change to their tempo.  The first song remixed for this new EP, “The Exchange”, gained around 50 BPM in it’s remix.

“Evening” is a fascinating track to me in it’s original form because on different days, it sounds different to me.  Some days, it sounds fast and vibrant, others, slow and paced.  “Evening” loses 15 BPM in this mix(down to 110 from 125).  This remix is decidedly slow and chilled out, and generates a much different listening experience.  Although the original “Evening” is meant to be enjoyed much later in the evening, the “Sunset Mix” is meant, as the title suggests, to be enjoyed closer to dusk, cold drink in hand.

Karl D – The Exchange(Drum and Bass mix)

I felt so passionately about the last remix EP I did for Existential Funk”, I decided I’d continue.  There is plenty more material to remix, and lots more material that needed a platform to be released on(i.e. Toxin).

The EP will be released similarly to “Modify Your Mind”, by releasing the individual songs one by one in the main blog.  Once the EP is complete, all the songs will be available in a ZIP file in the download section.

The first remix that will be included in this EP is one of my favorite tracks from “Existential Funk”(Stream here):  “The Exchange”.  “Exchange” was literally the last track I completed, and it was done within a day.  Like some of the other remixed tracks from the last EP, this track is taking on a vivid metamorphosis.  The ambient trip-hop drama is transformed into a dubby, introspective drum and bass track in this remix.

Free Streaming music!

FYI:  You can now stream Karl D’s Existential Funk, in its entirety, from the Existential Funk page.

There are also links to buy the album from several vendors.  Please consider supporting this site by buying this album.

Karl D – Existential Funk(TranceFunk Dub Mix)

I’ve been talking up the Existential Funk Remixes and B-Sides EP that’s been in the works.

With the release of this crown jewel of the collection, the album Modify Your Mind: The Existential Funk B-Sides and Remix EP is now available in the Free Downloads section.

The electro-breakbeat original gets a tough hardtrance rework in this mix.  Two remixes are available in the full EP: the dub mix included in this post, as well as the full vocal mix. Enjoy the dub mix as a preview, and I’m sure you’ll want to download the whole album in hi-quality 256kbps MP3 format!

(If you haven’t heard the original yet, you can stream or buy it on the Existential Funk page).

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