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Karl D – Typhoon

The theme for today’s selection is “Subdued Club Music”.  That said, maybe “Subdued” isn’t giving the big bassline enough credit.

Karl D – Typhoon

Karl D – So Many Different People

This track got shelved on several occasions.  At one point, it got deleted entirely before completion, because I didn’t think I could make it work.  After doing so, the melody kept coming back to me, so I found a way.

There were several directions I ultimately wanted to go, which led to the inclusion of the Kraftwerkian electro break near the middle.  At one point during production, this variation might have built the entire song, but a little variety gives this track a robust character.

NIN – The Beginning of the End(Karl D Mix)

The latest focus for my efforts has been another Nine Inch Nails song.  Of the material available for producers on the NIN site, the two songs I was most interested in remixing were “Lights in the Sky“, and “The Beginning of the End”.  “Lights in the Sky” was a pretty experimental project and took some time to develop, but “The Beginning” I knew almost right away how I wanted it to sound. It’s taken a while to get my vision tracked accurately, but this is pretty representative of how I originally thought about my remix. The ghostly sounding pads’ melody for the chorus is an element I knew I would add right away, and it sounds almost exactly the way it did in my head.

The tempo is maintained at the original 140 BPM in this mix, replacing guitars for a glitchy, persistent bassline which I think adds a “marchy” quality to the song.  I really like the breakdown near the end which then tears back in to the main chorus’ melody, without Trent’s vocals on the second round.  Short and sweet, but not short on excitement.

NIN – The Beginning Of The End(Karl D mix)

Update: This remix is now also live on the NIN official remix site here:


This tech-trance random beat started simply enough, with the rhythm section and the grumbling bass.  It took an interesting turn as I continued to work on it.  Frankly, I didn’t mean for it to be quite as melodically uplifting(yet melancholy) as it came to be in the end.  Once I got the lead synth created, it all seemed to quickly come together.

Bear with me as you listen to this track.  Yes, they’ve been getting longer, but more rewarding in their dramatic progression.

This latest beat brings Vol. 5 to 29 minutes, 42 seconds, just short of the guideline of 30 minutes per volume.  This will therefore bring Vol. 5 to a close.  That being said, the whole volume is now available for download in the Free Downloads section.


If I had to describe this post in one word, it would be “Floaty”.

This spaced-out electro jam has some really techy instruments providing the melody, including the drums.


This track has been “cooking” for a while now.  The melody came to me spontaneously while on a trip a while ago.  Luckily I had my laptop so I was able to sequence the basics of this track right away.  Since then, the buzzy electric noises have been added, along with the old school 808 drums, and the trancey pad near the end(which has become my favorite part).

This track turned out great, and it’s a strong end to the 3rd volume of the random beats series.

As usual, now that the volume is complete, all of the tracks are available as a ZIP file of MP3s in the Downloads section.  While you’re there, you can check out some of the other free downloads!


While making this track I kept thinking that this is what I expect house to be like in Japanese discotheques.

I really like the lead in here.  I’ve been using a synth called synth1 for a while.  Apparently it’s been around for ages but some people dislike the complexity.  If you’re into production, I strongly reccomend it.

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