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Karl D – Shocking

I got so busy I forgot to announce the release of a new digital single! This ended up being (somewhat quietly) released in late April.

“Shocking” could now be considered an older favorite of mine (Way back from 2013!), having been a central part of the mix SHOCKED. Although there weren’t enough originals in this mix to warrant an EP release, I really liked this track.

I had been thinking about this track a lot recently, and got inspired to create a new drum & bass remix. This fits in really well with the original’s electro style while updating it with some more energy and modern touches.
I think the remix is the high point of this release, but I also still like the original.

“Shocking” is available wherever you listen to music, but is cheapest from Bandcamp. Check out the link through the player below.


This is somewhere between an EP and a “mix series” entry. This short EP is presented in mixed format; this is a collection of tech house composed exclusively on flights from PHX-PHL and PHX-MFR.

Although the tracks are shorter and less complex than my typical releases, producing this way this was an interesting constraint. I used the iOS app Groovebox to create these tracks, then stitched them together using Ableton back at home.

All of the tracks and the mix are presented without any fancy effects, this is as straight-up as it gets. This reminds me a lot of a lot of early stuff I did based on that simplicity, as well as Pattern Recognition but with a little more cohesion of the individual tracks.

This album is a Bandcamp exclusive and free download. Please visit Bandcamp through the player below to download this EP.

VIP Mixes for Prism and Apex Predator

A brief follow up to the last post: the Rock the Bells EP has been updated to include a pair of VIP mixes for a couple of my favorite cuts on the album, “Prism” and “Apex Predator”.

“Prism” gained some BPM to become a groovy slice of electro-house.

“Apex Predator” stayed mostly the same, although the bassline became a little meaner and the production loses the big hip-hop style to become more…terrifying.

I’ve never made a “deliberate” variation in production, and both of these were somewhat organic in that both could have been the “canonical” versions of each track, and a fairly equivalent amount of time was spent producing each version before deciding which way to go.  However, at this point I do think these versions are secondary to the originals, if only by a hair.

These tracks are included below for your listening pleasure, and can be downloaded individually or as part of the entire EP.

Karl D – Reactor(Remix)

Similar to the last offering, this remix was made specifically for SHOCKEDand also made a dramatic departure from a more subdued original.

This was intentionally simple.  “Reactor” had an existing electro influence in the form of the synth.  That was about the only part that stayed in the remix, but I liked the way that the stripped down drums and the synth turned this remix into a more “raw” version.

Karl D – Reactor(Remix)(Right click and choose Save As to download)

Karl D – Dante’s Revenge

This is one of the featured selections in the recent Electro mix I did.

For the uninitiated, this is a remix of an old favorite of mine.   The pace is changed dramatically in this version, and adds some “dancefloor heat” that the original could not be farther from.


Karl D  – Dante’s Revenge(Right click and choose Save As to download) Mix Series 05: SHOCKED – The Electro House and Breaks Connection

“That’s the thing about house,” a friend once said to me at a party, “It sure is reliable”.

I think he was right, and the same can be said about breakbeat. Fads come and go, but house and breaks are the pillars that hold up electronic music.

Simple ideas are typically the ones that don’t need changing. The way electronic music has survived over the years is by keeping to the basics.

The first movement of this mix represents a modern interpretation of electro – an exciting set of mid-tempo, aggressive house. You’ll notice a couple of remixes in this half especially that were created just for this mix(and will be released on this site for general download soon).
Halfway through, this mix switches gears, going into breaks territory. The tracks in this set all are quite modern from a production standpoint, but all owe a great deal to the original electro-breaks sound of the 1980s that gave birth to modern electronic music culture.

This is SHOCKED.

1st Movement:  Electro House

  1. (0:00)      Karl D – Dante’s Revenge
  2. (02:25)    Karl D – Logic Bomb
  3. (05:05)    Karl D – Reactor(Remix)
  4. (06:41)     Karl D – Shocking
  5. (10:57)     Robyn – Dancing on My Own

2nd Movement:  Electro Breaks

  1.  (15:34)     Karl D – 4_07(from random beats, vol. 4)
  2. (17:58)     Karl D – So Many Different People
  3. (20:23)     Karl D – 3_11(from random beats, vol. 3)
  4. (24:14)      Above and Beyond – Indonesia
  5. (26:38)     Karl D – Typhoon

Karl D – Shocked(Right click and choose Save As to download)
edit 06/01/20: Thanks for checking this mix out!  You can now download “Shocking“, a standout track from this mix, along with a new 2020 remix, anywhere you buy music.  Click here to learn more. 

Karl D – Ghost

If you think “Ghost” is a bit similar to“Logic Bomb”, it’s not an entirely unreasonable observation.

Essentially, “Ghost” and “Logic Bomb” were two stems grown from the same idea.  Initially, they could have been the parts of the same track, but they each evolved into it’s own thing – “Logic Bomb” taking on a much more aggressive, thick sound, and “Ghost” exaggerating the more minimal and quiet elements I wanted to include.

Did you already catch the short-but-thrilling breakdown in the middle of this track when this debuted in Pattern Recognition

Karl D – Ghost(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)


Karl D – Logic Bomb

As promised, here is the first release from Pattern Recognition.

If you listened to the mix, you may have identified “Logic Bomb” as something of a high point.

The track was intended as something of a peak time throwdown – I think it turned into something different along the way, and I’m glad for it.  Stylistically, many of the instruments are heavy with grit, and the measured pace on the drum track help this stand out.  I think this still has the “big room” feel I was looking for, without being too obvious or cliché .

Karl D – Logic Bomb(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)

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