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Karl D – Abyss

Deep, moody dubstep.  This is a dramatic piece which goes a lot of different directions, but was ultimately driven (as is the whole track) by the heavy bassline.

The electric piano was the last addition to the track, but has become the glue putting the whole thing together.

edit 03/14/19: Download Abyss from Bandcamp below, along with its previously mix-series-exclusive remix, in the new digital single. 

Karl D – Liquid

The “Dubstep” tag isn’t quite proper, although it’s the closest according to my (self imposed) need to put everything in a little box.

“Future Garage” might be more accurate, but more important than the label are the influences; these include Burial and Jon Hopkins, a couple of artists whose work I really enjoy.  This music is hard to describe because it’s much different than any electronic music that’s been produced in the last 20 years.

As the title implies, this is a floaty piece, but with a good pace.  This went through a couple of revisions, but the end result is one I’m happy with.

Edit 05/17/19 – “Liquid” is now available in the new digital single, which includes the previously unreleased “VIP” mix.  Click the player below to get the new digital single from Bandcamp. Mix Series 06: SPYGAMES – Paranoid Dubstep and Future-Funk

From the delightful NSA-O-MATIC:

Recently released NSA documents revealed the existence of TUNINGBAZZARE, a full-take collection point that deanonymizes one tenth of all internet traffic. General Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency, assured the public that the program is only used to combat terrorism.

This is generative fiction, and a joke.  However, as the website indicates, “Truth is scarier than fiction.”

Snowden changed the world with the leak of previously private NSA data.  Whether or not you agree with his tactics, it’s apparent we’re living under the shadow of the NSA.  Our data is being commoditized with or without the help of the online services we use.  Like in WarGames, the only way to win is not to play – an increasingly impossible feat given our reliance on technology.

This mix follows the “split-format” first introduced in SHOCKED.
In the first half, you will find a diverse array of modern dubstep produced with the “leftfield” approach that I like to take.  In the 2nd half, the mix will switch to a more experimental, but mid-tempo format.  All of the tunes were either compiled or produced exclusively for this mix to capture the paranoid atmosphere of the U.S. as a whole of the last several months, but in particular the Snowden affair.

This is SPYGAMES. 

1st Movement: Dubstep

  1. (0:00)     5_04(from random beats, vol. 5)
  2. (02:10)    1_14(remix)(from random beats, vol. 1)
  3. (05:01)     Karl D – Infiltrator
  4. (07:32)     5_06(from random beats, vol. 5)
  5. (09:49)    Karl D – Space Station Dub
  6. (13:56)     Karl D – Drone Pilot

2nd Movement: Future Funk and Experimental Beats

  1.  (15:56)    Karl D – The Path
  2. (20:21)     4_10(from random beats, vol. 4)
  3. (22:03)     Karl D – SCAR
  4. (23:13)     Karl D – Trapbeats
  5. (25:15)     Karl D – Open Late
  6. (27:00)     Karl D – Awareness


Karl D – SPYGAMES(right click and choose “Save As” to download)

Karl D – Rasta Breakfast

Some may find the title a little silly, but the ideas behind it are plenty serious.  Allow me to explain:

Rastafarians, as part of their culture, adhere to a strict diet that includes no meat, and mostly fresh fruit and vegetables.  Having this kind of a diet in Rastafarian culture is referred to as “Ital“.  The primary goal of adhering to these kinds of dietary principles is to  increase the purity of the food they eat.

Although you won’t be seeing dreadlocks on my head anytime soon, the overall Jamaican influence of this track was inspired by my own dietary experiences lately.  The food I eat these days generally does not include processed food, high amounts of fat or sugar, and as few preservatives as possible.  Doing so has certainly benefited my well being overall.  I think that having learned about Rastafarian culture over the years has, to some degree, helped me understand why it is important to care about what you eat.

So, I’m returning the favor with some deep-dub reggae.

Karl D – Faces of Death

This track is probably a direct descendant of “Future Chillout Dubstep”, since it was made during/after the compilation.

Using a well known sample from Method Man and Redman’s “How High”, this track is similar to some other dubstep work I’ve produced.  I’m finding my style in this area can be significantly more chilled-out than some of my influences, like Skream! or Rusko.

This concludes the “Mumble and Slouch” EP, which can now be downloaded in its entirety in the Downloads section.  I hope to bring you some more great content soon.

Karl D – Faces of Death(Download – Right click and choose Save As) Mix Series 01: Future Chillout Dubstep

If you’ve been wondering where all the fresh content is lately, it’s because I’ve been working hard on this first installment of what I intend to be a multi-part mix series.

This first mix contains 11 dubstep tracks, sourced mainly from material available here on  There are also tracks from other artists included here(some of which were remixed on the fly), especially some that you might not normally consider “dubstep-appropriate”.  However, this mix is all about breaking free from tradition and creating one’s existence in their own life.  This is Future Chillout Dubstep.


  1. Karl D – The Exchange(Remix)
  2. Karl D – Toxin(Edit)
  3. Karl D – 5_04
  4. NIN – 3 Ghosts 1(Karl D Re-Edit)
  5. Benga – Light Bulb
  6. Skream – 0800 Dub
  7. Karl D – 3_06
  8. PRGz – Stop and Go(Loop)
  9. Kosheen – Marching Orders
  10. Karl D – Futuredub
  11. Above and Beyond – Home

Karl D Presents – Future Chillout Dubstep(Download – Right click and choose Save As)

Karl D – Takedown

Slowly but surely, the Artifice EP is coming to a close.  After this one, I plan for one more track to complete this mini-album.

There is a common theme among this collection of tracks, which wasn’t my initial intention when publishing “3rd Level Down“, but by the release of track 2, a cohesive concept for the EP had been formed. I’d rather not discuss the unifying concept among these tracks, but rather you listened to them and took your own understanding from the body of work as a whole.   My guess is that you may draw a different meaning than what is my central intention, and yet that’s what thrills me the most about the meaning of music as a form of communication.  Our own perspectives shape the meaning of the piece.

“Takedown” justifies it’s title with tough wobbling basslines and forceful drums.  This dubstep slammer is decidedly menacing, which you may find generally inconsistent with the sum of my work as a whole.

Karl D – Takedown

Karl D – Sinister

What do you call it when low-bit and dubstep collide?  Dub-bit?  Bit-step?

This track will be part of an upcoming EP, entitled Artifice, that will also include “3rd Level Down“.  Expect a few more tracks to be released before the full album will be included in the Free Downloads section.

Karl D – Sinister

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