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Karl D – Metaphysics II

Announcing a big EP release: Metaphysics II. This EP is a sequel to the original. It’s important for me to keep this lineage alive for a couple reasons. Most importantly, as a instrumental hip-hop album it is a pretty drastic departure from most of my other work.

Like the original EP (which started as a Mix Series entry, one that was maybe the most fun for me), the tracks in Metaphysics II explore the lines between hip-hop and electronica.

I have to reiterate as I did when I released the first one: hip-hop is so important to me as a musician. It was actually hip-hop that brought me into the electronic world (although house kinda took over once I got there). Hip-hop certainly isn’t the same anymore as it was, but that’s ok. Music is all about moving culture forward, this EP for me is my entry to that, reflecting what I see back out.

Metaphysics II is available in all major music stores and streaming platforms. You can listen to the entirety of Metaphysics II in a mixed-tape format using the Bandcamp link below; Bandcamp listeners will get this for free when purchasing the album there (where it is cheapest).

Rock the Bells EP

The final track in the Rock the Bells EP has been released; it’s entitled “Prism”. This is a dense, foggy piece of dream pop with some 1980s synthesizer vibes.

This does mean that the EP is complete, and the only way to hear the new track is to find it on the album’s page on Bandcamp.

Check the links to Bandcamp below to stream or download the whole album!  I had a lot of fun making this album and it’s one of the best ones (even though it’s one of the shortest).


Karl D – That’s What Tomorrow’s For

I am both relieved and saddened to close out my latest project, life.remixed, with this song. Relieved that I have finally finished, after about 9 months of working on it(since the day I announced the project), and saddened that it has come to a point where it makes sense to bring it to a close.

“That’s What Tomorrow’s For” is a fitting end to this project.  Stylistically, it is representative of the entire release – modern, minimal, and diverse.  This track also recalls elements of Red Time, like its heavy use of electric piano and a feel that can be described as somewhat distant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed life.remixed – you can now download the whole release in a ZIP file in the Downloads section, along with all the other releases.  This includes all 10 of the songs, as well as the cover art for the album.

life.remixed will probably be my last LP release – but to say I’m done making music could not be further from the truth.  I’m already hard at work at the next project, which I hope to have ready for you soon.

Karl D – Reconstitution

I think you’ll find this has a very different sound than the last offering.

“Reconstitution” straddles the line between dub and trance.  Earlier on, there was more focus on the trance elements, like the synth line(which has a rhythm I would consider very important to this track).  The dub influences didn’t come until the later stages of making the track.  I’m happier for it; the dub piano(with just a hint of glitch), along with the echoey drums and the big bassline, really help this track stand out.


Karl D – Mumble and Slouch

There’s been a few songs I’ve released lately without being part of an album.  Since a few of them were piling up, I decided to compile them together as an EP.

This EP will be called “Mumble and Slouch”.  Today, I present the title track to you.

Obviously, there’s not much going on here.  The whole idea was for this track to be a little less “in your face”, but there was some room for some interesting elements.

This EP will collect “Dum Spiro Spero“, “Foresight“, “Aeon“, this track, and one yet to be produced.  As soon as it is complete, it will find a home in the Free Downloads section, among the rest of the material available on this site. Mix Series 02: One Minute to Midnight – a Trip Hop Compilation

The next mix in this series was produced relatively quickly, and that’s because most of the groundwork was done in my head when it came time to actually compile it.

Like the last mix, several of the songs are available freely, here on  Many other tracks help build this predominantly electronic-influenced mix.

Someone recently said that advances in technology have made us forget how to listen to music.  For this reason, I strongly encourage the use of one or more of the following “focus devices” during the course of this mix: big speakers, adult beverages, dim lights, and a reclined posture.  This is One Minute to Midnight.



  1. Lemn Sissay – The Flag(Man From Atlantis mix)
  2. Karl D – Foresight
  3. Karl D – 3rd Level Down
  4. Karl D – 4_03(Remix)
  5. Unkle – Unreal
  6. Portishead – Machine Gun
  7. Karl D – Evening(Karl’s Sunset mix)
  8. Kosheen – Under Fire

Karl D Presents – One Minute to Midnight(Download – Right click and choose Save As)

Karl D – Foresight

This track was stagnant for quite some time before I took some advice from a Doctor who told me that “Slow is Better”. (Sorry if this looks like a plug.  I really do like that commercial!  Step off! 🙂 )

What started as a hardcore-sounding trance tune lost about 40 BPM to become a much more glitchy trip hop jam.

I’m feeling very comfortable with the 110-BPM tempo right now.  Another favorite of mine is the remix of Evening, which has a similar tempo.

Karl D – Foresight

Karl D – Penitence

Last one for Artifice, and it’s an epic one.

“Penitence” clocks in around 7 and a half minutes long, just about the longest I ever remember doing.  Of course, length by itself can never make the song.  Similar to both “3rd Level Down” and “The Exchange“, this track is deeply saturated in trip-hop essentials. There’s a point about midway where the tempo drops from the steady 95 bpm throughout the song down to a crawl.  I really thought this was a good way to isolate some of the elements and explore the emptiness of the sounds(in this case, a good thing, I think).  Certainly a pensive track which fits the title as well as the overall theme of the album.  I hope you can find as much meaning in the album as a whole as I’ve injected into it.  That said, the compilation is now available for your downloading pleasure in the Downloads section.

Karl D – Penitence

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