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Karl D – Imagine

“Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.”

-Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black

This track joins a special club – that which includes compositions which slowed my computer to a crawl when inventing them, or crashed the computer entirely.  This speaks both to the complexity of the song, as well as my intention to persist when making them.  There are hundreds more that didn’t make the cut, usually because of the failure of the latter (my intention to continue on).

Computer heartbreaks aside, this song is pretty special.  Along with “Rasta Breakfast“, it’s one of the only songs I’ve ever done with a horn section, although a synthetic one.  Seasoned listeners on this site should notice a fairly drastic difference between this and much of my other work.  However, it draws from an often dormant, but long-nurtured love I have for hip-hop.

Edit 04/06/19: “Imagine” is now a part of the METAPHYSICS EP, available  wherever you enjoy music.  You can listen to and download it from Bandcamp using the player below.


I’ve noticed that some of the most recent random beats have been increasing in their length.  I would say that it’s because there is a tension in the last few that could not be properly expressed in approximately 2 minutes.

This latest entry to the series contains all the elements of a great hard dance tune:  ravey pianos, a wicked synth line, and a good, tough groove.

I’ve been working on this particular project for almost a year, because I wanted to get the sound just right.  Additionally, this enters the hall of fame of tracks that have crashed my computer, which by my calculation means it’s one of the best ones.


Those who pay even the most devout attention may not be aware that my electronic music pedigree has it’s roots deepest in eurodance.  In some ways, it’s the music that started it all for me.

My favorite kind of electronic music to listen to as well as to DJ with is hardhouse.  I believe that hardhouse grew from Eurodance in many ways.  Today’s track is somewhere right in the middle, leaning more towards the euro side.  The only thing it’s missing:  the soaring female vocal paired with the deep-voiced swedish male rapping :).

Ed. Note: Throughout my music production, I have found that the best tracks have been those that have brought my computer to it’s knees due to high processing requirements.  This one definitely is guilty of both being one of the best ones, as well as having crashed my computer.

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