Humans spend the bulk of their lives developing experiences, which in turn change our own perceptions.  These perceptions later become “filters” – assumptions that you make subconsciously about the world around you.  For centuries, this is how the human race has survived – it has shaped our ability as individuals to assess threats, as well as guide our overall evolution to become top-ranking members of the food chain. In the modern world, our intellect has become more advanced- but the basis of our psychology has not changed.  At times, this keeps us from learning new things, and we see change as largely a threat.  To truly reach our self-actualized potential, we need to be able to identify these filters before they become a problem.

The tracks presented in this mix are something of a departure from my own comfort zone – I’ve used an array of unconventional techniques to craft the sounds within this mix.  By letting go of my own expectations, I was able to learn from the experience and craft something that even surprised me.  The mix also helped spawn two new tracks, which I am debuting here(“Logic Bomb” and “Ghost“).  Both tracks will be available for individual download in the coming weeks.

Which filters will you allow to shape your existence?  Will you let go of your assumptions to develop new experiences?  This is Pattern Recognition. 

  1. (0:00) Karl D – 3_03(From random beats, vol. 3) + Simian Mobile Disco – Nerve Salad
  2. (1:10) (untitled)
  3. (3:28) Karl D – Trackdown + My Nu Leng – Waltaknocks
  4. (07:03) Karl D – Hex
  5. (11:08) (untitled)
  6. (13:20) Karl D – Logic Bomb
  7. (15:38) Karl D – 4_06(From random beats, vol. 4)
  8. (17:40) Karl D – 1_10(From random beats, vol. 1)
  9. (18:57) Karl D – Ghost
  10. (22:33) Karl D – Mirror-world(Exclusive)

Karl D – Pattern Recognition(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)