I am both relieved and saddened to close out my latest project, life.remixed, with this song. Relieved that I have finally finished, after about 9 months of working on it(since the day I announced the project), and saddened that it has come to a point where it makes sense to bring it to a close.

“That’s What Tomorrow’s For” is a fitting end to this project.  Stylistically, it is representative of the entire release – modern, minimal, and diverse.  This track also recalls elements of Red Time, like its heavy use of electric piano and a feel that can be described as somewhat distant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed life.remixed – you can now download the whole release in a ZIP file in the Downloads section, along with all the other releases.  This includes all 10 of the songs, as well as the cover art for the album.

life.remixed will probably be my last LP release – but to say I’m done making music could not be further from the truth.  I’m already hard at work at the next project, which I hope to have ready for you soon.