Some may find the title a little silly, but the ideas behind it are plenty serious.  Allow me to explain:

Rastafarians, as part of their culture, adhere to a strict diet that includes no meat, and mostly fresh fruit and vegetables.  Having this kind of a diet in Rastafarian culture is referred to as “Ital“.  The primary goal of adhering to these kinds of dietary principles is to  increase the purity of the food they eat.

Although you won’t be seeing dreadlocks on my head anytime soon, the overall Jamaican influence of this track was inspired by my own dietary experiences lately.  The food I eat these days generally does not include processed food, high amounts of fat or sugar, and as few preservatives as possible.  Doing so has certainly benefited my well being overall.  I think that having learned about Rastafarian culture over the years has, to some degree, helped me understand why it is important to care about what you eat.

So, I’m returning the favor with some deep-dub reggae.