Much to my own surprise, I’m going to have some fresh content coming for you soon.  This remix from 2003 or so should hold you over until then:

I’ve never tried to distance myself from Eurodance music.  I’m big on the classics, like La Bouche and N-Trance, but Lasgo was one of the more relevant “nu-skool” Eurodance artists of the 2000s.  I’m really into several of their big hits.

During my concurrent(and ongoing) fascination with Hard House, I did this remix of “Alone”, one of my most favorite Lasgo tracks.   I made the decision to only include part of the vocals which I felt were really the core of the song.  There’s some very technical Hoover riffs as well as some revised instrumentation on the main melody, both of which I really wanted to be the stars of the show.

Lasgo – Alone(Karl D Remix)