Slowly but surely, the Artifice EP is coming to a close.  After this one, I plan for one more track to complete this mini-album.

There is a common theme among this collection of tracks, which wasn’t my initial intention when publishing “3rd Level Down“, but by the release of track 2, a cohesive concept for the EP had been formed. I’d rather not discuss the unifying concept among these tracks, but rather you listened to them and took your own understanding from the body of work as a whole.   My guess is that you may draw a different meaning than what is my central intention, and yet that’s what thrills me the most about the meaning of music as a form of communication.  Our own perspectives shape the meaning of the piece.

“Takedown” justifies it’s title with tough wobbling basslines and forceful drums.  This dubstep slammer is decidedly menacing, which you may find generally inconsistent with the sum of my work as a whole.

Karl D – Takedown