The latest focus for my efforts has been another Nine Inch Nails song.  Of the material available for producers on the NIN site, the two songs I was most interested in remixing were “Lights in the Sky“, and “The Beginning of the End”.  “Lights in the Sky” was a pretty experimental project and took some time to develop, but “The Beginning” I knew almost right away how I wanted it to sound. It’s taken a while to get my vision tracked accurately, but this is pretty representative of how I originally thought about my remix. The ghostly sounding pads’ melody for the chorus is an element I knew I would add right away, and it sounds almost exactly the way it did in my head.

The tempo is maintained at the original 140 BPM in this mix, replacing guitars for a glitchy, persistent bassline which I think adds a “marchy” quality to the song.  I really like the breakdown near the end which then tears back in to the main chorus’ melody, without Trent’s vocals on the second round.  Short and sweet, but not short on excitement.

NIN – The Beginning Of The End(Karl D mix)

Update: This remix is now also live on the NIN official remix site here: