“Finally”, you shout at the computer, “Some new content on randombeats.com!”

I’ve been working on this for quite some time now, probably since the last piece of music that was posted here.   I wanted to start doing more remixes of other artists’ work, and with NIN having some of the most accessible source material around, I decided to start there.

I wanted to start with “Lights in the Sky” because it was my favorite track from The Slip. “Lights in the Sky” is an incredibly challenging piece of music to work with, firstly because of the slow 55 BPM tempo, and because of the dull chords throughout the track.  I’ve heard one or two other really neat mixes of this song, but my mix adds(rather than subtracts) to the track in very subtle ways. I added some bass effects throughout the track, with some extra-deep bass during the chorus.  Trent’s vocals also have a slight glitch effect applied to them, which gives the song a much more synthetic feel to it.

NIN – Lights in the Sky(Karl D mix)

Update: This remix is now also live on the NIN official remix site here: http://remix.nin.com/play/mix?id=19799

I am working on another NIN remix, but I won’t say what or when it’s coming!  Be on the lookout!