The next remix candidate for the upcoming EP(which will be titled Electronic Monk) is Evening, another one of my favorites from “Existential Funk”.

This EP is quickly evolving into a series of experiments on the tempo of the remixed tracks.  The Modify Your Mind EP changed the remixed songs dramatically, but without much change to their tempo.  The first song remixed for this new EP, “The Exchange”, gained around 50 BPM in it’s remix.

“Evening” is a fascinating track to me in it’s original form because on different days, it sounds different to me.  Some days, it sounds fast and vibrant, others, slow and paced.  “Evening” loses 15 BPM in this mix(down to 110 from 125).  This remix is decidedly slow and chilled out, and generates a much different listening experience.  Although the original “Evening” is meant to be enjoyed much later in the evening, the “Sunset Mix” is meant, as the title suggests, to be enjoyed closer to dusk, cold drink in hand.