I felt so passionately about the last remix EP I did for Existential Funk”, I decided I’d continue.  There is plenty more material to remix, and lots more material that needed a platform to be released on(i.e. Toxin).

The EP will be released similarly to “Modify Your Mind”, by releasing the individual songs one by one in the main blog.  Once the EP is complete, all the songs will be available in a ZIP file in the download section.

The first remix that will be included in this EP is one of my favorite tracks from “Existential Funk”(Stream here):  “The Exchange”.  “Exchange” was literally the last track I completed, and it was done within a day.  Like some of the other remixed tracks from the last EP, this track is taking on a vivid metamorphosis.  The ambient trip-hop drama is transformed into a dubby, introspective drum and bass track in this remix.