I did a track once called “Just Like the First Time“.  It has always been one of my favorites, but certain things kept me from putting it on the album.  First, it had some flaws in how it was recorded.  It could have been more precise in some areas.  Secondly, it contains an unlicensed “Amen Break”.  Might not be a big deal for some people or producers, but Existential Funk for me was all about being original.  I even tried re-recording the song to take care of those two problems, but it didn’t feel the same.

Instead, I took an afternoon and popped out a remix:

“Just Like the First Time” Remix

Sadly this has some unlicensed samples on it as well so it couldn’t make the album.  It does have a different feel than the original, and aligns with some of the “nu-rave” stuff going on right now.  I love the second part – there’s some serious hardcore style in there!

“Just Like the First Time” Original Mix:

Just Like the First Time