Today, I’m resurrecting an old track from the archives that’s been a secret favorite of mine.  “Turbulence” is somewhat different from the majority of sounds I produce – I think it fits in with contemporary American drum and bass a little better than some other work(i.e. “Things You’ll Need to Know“).

When I made it, I wanted the focus of “Turbulence” to be the keyboards in the background.  The bassline that rolls through the whole track holds the whole track together, and the keyboards add tension until the big grinding synth comes in in the middle.

The name “Turbulence” came from the helicopter and airplane sound FX laced throughout the track, which add an incredible amount of atmosphere.  Generally I don’t use a lot of sound effects in production, but in this case, I knew they belonged from the beginning.  I think it was one of the first elements I put in.