Epic post time!  This is a big one, for good reason…

Before there was Existential Funk, “Things You’ll Need to Know”, or randombeats.com, there was Red Time.

Red Time started as a dream I had in 2002.  I can still recall the dream very vividly, and it had to do with moving backwards in time somehow.  I knew this was called “Red Time” because someone in the dream told me.

In the dream, I heard music.  The very next day, I put that same music into a song.

In the small circle of friends that I distributed my music to at the time, this was one of the most popular songs. The concept was just as popular.

I hoped to one day write a short story, as well as a film based on Red Time.  In the time between 2003 and 2004, I worked almost exclusively on the soundtrack to the film.  Because the music was so important to the idea of Red Time, I wanted the soundtrack done first.

Sadly, with a budding “real job”, my time for screenwriting went way down, and the project never really got started.  However, the soundtrack was nearly complete.  I nearly released it as a full album(despite the film not being complete), but I felt that it was too short.

Because of the new format of randombeats.com, I felt now was the perfect time to let this “in to the wild.”  The album is slow, melodic trip-hop mixed with house and breakbeat.  While I was telling people about the project back in ’03, the multi-talented Matt Wilson of screen and stage volunteered the following illustration for a cover.  I felt it summed it up nicely.

Hear the entire album below, or at Bandcamp! You can download the album in it’s entirety from the Bandcamp link.