Here’s something to start you out with.  This is another “dosen’t count yet” post.  Anybody remember the rap song I produced for MC Husky?

I started work on a remix version a long time ago(near the time of the recording).  This changes the gangsta-rap slow burn into a hard drum and bass workout.

Mc Husky – “Outcast” Karl D Remix

I was also working on a D&B remix of Powerhouse’s “What You Need”, and I found that the melody worked better than the original one I concocted:

Powerhouse – “What You Need” Karl D Remix

Sadly, neither of these came to full fruition.  I didn’t have the resources to dedicate to them.  I wasn’t crazy about the direction the “What You Need” remix was taking, and by then I had started work on “Existential Funk”, so near-unreleasable hobby remixes were becoming a low priority.

MC Husky and Karl D – Outcast(Original Mix)