Announcing a big EP release: Metaphysics II. This EP is a sequel to the original. It’s important for me to keep this lineage alive for a couple reasons. Most importantly, as a instrumental hip-hop album it is a pretty drastic departure from most of my other work.

Like the original EP (which started as a Mix Series entry, one that was maybe the most fun for me), the tracks in Metaphysics II explore the lines between hip-hop and electronica.

I have to reiterate as I did when I released the first one: hip-hop is so important to me as a musician. It was actually hip-hop that brought me into the electronic world (although house kinda took over once I got there). Hip-hop certainly isn’t the same anymore as it was, but that’s ok. Music is all about moving culture forward, this EP for me is my entry to that, reflecting what I see back out.

Metaphysics II is available in all major music stores and streaming platforms. You can listen to the entirety of Metaphysics II in a mixed-tape format using the Bandcamp link below; Bandcamp listeners will get this for free when purchasing the album there (where it is cheapest).