Comparing the cover images for Existential Funk and life.remixed, there is an intentional common thread between the two.  Observe on the images.

This is a very minimal design element, but an intentional hint in both cases, as is the connection.

On the cover of  Existential Funk, there was a “story” in the picture which drew from inspirations around cybernetic neural enhancement.  life.remixed expanded on that slightly, suggesting a technological link with life beyond the extent of humanity.

Lately I had a thought: “what if the process for drawing this for any future designs could be done by the computer”.  So, I wrote a program to do so.  The results speak for themselves:

What is interesting about this, is that designing a program to draw a picture, even one as simple as this, is a sort of  “mathematical proof” for the nature/machine connection that I tried to imply in the earlier graphic designs.  Done by hand previously, I quickly realized “Gee, I wish I wrote this 12 years ago”.

Every time the program is run, a different design emerges.  A few of my favorites are collected on my DeviantArt page.
Source code for the program is available on my GitHub page.