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Karl D – Like, Haunted

The title is pronounced like Alicia Silverstone would in the movie Clueless.

Spacey breaks characterize this cinematic track.  Also, the “Shitty Strings” make a reappearance here, to great effect.  Two variations in the main melody maintain a feeling of dread throughout the song.

Karl D – Like, Haunted


This post includes one of a few songs that I considered compiling as part of a concept EP with “Toxin“.  After careful consideration, I decided to make them random beats instead.

Here we have the prestigious return of the “Shitty Strings“, along with some underwater-sounding sound FX and synthesizers.  I really like the technical melody, flow, and patient pace of this track.


If you’re paying very close attention to recent posts, you may notice that the string sound in the background of this random beat are the same as the one in 3_06.  This sound comes from a patch that I created/modified for the “Crystal” soft synth that I have affectionately referred to as “Shitty Strings”.  I like the glitchy, rotten sound that this pad produces – it’s created lots of atmosphere in these two tracks so far.  Because of this, I expect to use this a lot more in future breaks/trip-hop productions.

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