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Karl D – SCAR

If you can figure out the acronym without any help from me, you deserve a prize.  Put it in the comments if you think you’re clever enough!

My goal was for “SCAR” to be somewhat of a hybrid of acid house, dub, and techno.  Like some of the previous entries, this track’s instrumentation is stripped down to the bare essentials.

Karl D – SCAR

Karl D – Collapse

Check out the first track from life.remixed.  “Collapse” is a somber exercise in minimalism which still has room for some variety.  There’s a nice rave stab before the halfway point that breaks up the otherwise dead-serious tone of the song.

Karl D – Collapse

Karl D – Trackdown

Track 3 from the Artifice EP is “Trackdown”.  The pads in the background bring the anxiety level way up, and the insistent bass bounces along through most of the track.  Like much of the techno work I produce, there are only subtle changes to the mix over time; but where someone else might see minimal techno as pointless and thin, I see exciting buildups and thrill.

Karl D – Trackdown


This track is like a random beats 2-for-1 sale.  Starting out as a uniform techno stomper, the tempo is modulated midway through to transform this minimal caterpillar into a paranoid dubstep butterfly.  There is sharp contrast between the two parts, despite using the same bass instrument.


This glitchy techno track has some great space to it.  The first instrument that comes in has a very spooky sound.  Once the sharp synth comes in, the track is very noticeably disrupted, but the spookiness continues.


Lo-fi beats provide the backdrop for the electronic drama in this minimal track.  Lots of vintage sounds at work here.

Karl D – FTL

You’ve already heard the first new track from the Electronic Monk EP(Toxin).  The other new track, and the final one from the new EP, is called “FTL”.

Stylistically, “FTL” sounds a bit like an up-tempo march.  The casual listener may find it a little repetetive and plain, but the song really dosen’t kick in until about halfway through the track.  I think the end result is quite thrilling!  Rather than keep talking about it, I would instead have you listen to it for yourself and generate your own perspective on it.

Because this is the last track for The Electronic Monk EP, the album is now available to download in its entirety in the Downloads section.  Enjoy!

Karl D – FTL


I programmed the drums in this track in what I considered to be a quite unusual way.  I think it made the track sound quite unique due to the odd placement of the  drum sounds.  I really like the fade effects and the arpeggio synth here.  Not so sure about the organ, though…I didn’t have an instrument that made exactly the sound I was looking for.

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