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We’ve got some seriously spooky dubstep on tap today, and its melodic wobbly bassline is in the spotlight.  The lack of variation in the wobble means this isn’t the most complex or “intelligent” dubstep track, but I made the choice to keep it simple.   Other sounds put in just for the sake of excitement would have threatened the chilled-out nature of this track.


Lo-fi beats provide the backdrop for the electronic drama in this minimal track.  Lots of vintage sounds at work here.


A sample for the trumpet sound here was not at my immediate disposal.  I knew how it needed to sound, but my small jazz collection prohibits the availability of such samples.  Thus, I had to synthesize it.  I object to the use of synthesized brass in most cases, but the DSK Brass plug in gave it some life.  I thought it complemented the growly bass quite nice here.

If you’re an independent electronic musician, I strongly reccomend the DSK collection linked above.  I use many of the VST plugins, and there are some very strong synths available.  I believe many are sample based.


The random beats series returns with the first entry in Volume 5!

This extra-large sized beat has taken some time to complete.  The entire thing has a very chilly sound to it.  As we move into the colder months of the year, I thought this would be a fitting start to the 5th volume.


Today’s is the last of the posts for Volume 4 of the random beats series. This volume ends like it began, with some melodic piano trance.

This tune began with the deep bass and the bassdrum.  I thought the combination of these two sounds was pretty effective on their own, so I allowed them to work on their own for a while.  When the piano comes in, there’s an exceptional sense of drama that continues for the duration of the track.

Now that Volume 4 is complete, you can download the full set of posts in MP3 format(along with the previous completed volumes) in the Downloads section.  Volume 5 will be on its way soon enough!

Thanks for listening.


The lead melody in here is one I created originally for a much faster tempo.  I put down the basics of the track and since I didn’t really know how I wanted it to develop, I let it sit for awhile.

After a few days of inactivity with this particular beat, I found myself thinking about the melody at a much slower pace.  I slowed it down significantly and changed the tune from what would have likely been kind of a incoherent turnoff to a pretty effective, creepy sounding downtempo track.


There’s a word that describes art that is meant to be painful or disturbing.  I can’t remember the word, but an example of this would be the film “Funny Games“.  Although brutally violent, most of the violence in the movie happens off screen, which the director intended to be the “trick” – not showing any violence while disturbing the viewer because of the amount of it.

Similarly, I intended for this tune to be a little more difficult of a listen.  The tension manufactured by the dissonant chords is meant to be somewhat uncomfortable. The piano is one of the only consonant sounds in the mix.

Although I hope none of the music on this site evokes any kind of response similar to watching “Funny Games”, I hope you can appreciate this track”s significance in it’s own “ugliness”.


Today’s offering consists of some chilled-out dubstep that I find has a mysterious quality. The deep bells that start near the beginning was one of the last elements I put in here, but I think the effect really nails down the rhythm and melody, and supplements the bass in the low end department.

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