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Karl D – Solid Ground

OK, trying to get back on track here…It’s been a while but I’ve got at least a couple things to share with you in the short term.

Today’s selection might be a bit unfriendly, depending on your perspective.  life.remixed is taking a rather minimal turn overall.

The beat was constructed using only one instrument(the bass drum).  Then, the sample was reversed, chopped, and repeated until it actually had a pretty diverse sound. That, mixed with some moody atmospherics makes a dissonant concoction with a very ominous presence.

This track reminds me of a similar “beautifully ugly” random beat(4_09).

Karl D – Solid Ground


Karl D – Reconstitution

I think you’ll find this has a very different sound than the last offering.

“Reconstitution” straddles the line between dub and trance(Dub-trance?  Is that even a word?).  Earlier on, there was more focus on the trance elements, like the synth line(which has a rhythm I would consider very important to this track).  The dub influences didn’t come until the later stages of making the track.  I’m happier for it; the dub piano(with just a hint of glitch), along with the echoey drums and the big bassline, really help this track stand out.


Karl D – Reconstitution

Karl D – Collapse

Check out the first track from life.remixed.  “Collapse” is a somber exercise in minimalism which still has room for some variety.  There’s a nice rave stab before the halfway point that breaks up the otherwise dead-serious tone of the song.

Karl D – Collapse

Announcing life.remixed

It’s been a while in the making, but I’ve finally pulled together enough ideas that I feel comfortable starting to release my latest project, life.remixed into the wild.

“life.remixed” started several years ago as a general brand for the site(back when you probably weren’t the ardent listener you surely are now).  I’ve found a renewed interest in the ideas around it, and I’ve been developing some general ideas about making an album around the concept.  Much of the material will be based around everyday perceptions and our experience here on Earth.  This project is a back-to-basics approach to electronic music, with an intent on being approachable yet consistent with the “Karl D/randombeats.com Sound”.

It’s fairly uncommon that I release artwork with my albums, mostly because I personally don’t really have much talent in that regard.  However, a few times a year, my graphic design skills prime my creative capacity enough to sit down and crank out something mediocre. This time I had a concept in mind, and the artwork was simple enough that I could do it on my own.  So, as a special preview, here’s the artwork for life.remixed(click for larger size):


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the cover bears some resemblance to Existential Funk.  In some ways, this album is the “true sequel” to it(in a way that recent EP releases are not), and shares some of the same general concepts.

Stay on the lookout over the next several days for the first track from life.remixed. Lots more content will be on the way soon, and will be the focus of this site for the near future.  Please see below for a downloadable alternate cover you can use as your computer’s wallpaper.  See also the original life.remixed image from 2004!


life.remixed wallpaper(randombeats.com version)

original life.remixed image(approx. 2004)



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