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If I had to describe this post in one word, it would be “Floaty”.

This spaced-out electro jam has some really techy instruments providing the melody, including the drums.


I present to you some deep, tribal-influenced house music.  There are some good progressive elements in here that build tension until the very end.  I love the way the koto sounds and how it weaves in and out of the foreground.


Those who pay even the most devout attention may not be aware that my electronic music pedigree has it’s roots deepest in eurodance.  In some ways, it’s the music that started it all for me.

My favorite kind of electronic music to listen to as well as to DJ with is hardhouse.  I believe that hardhouse grew from Eurodance in many ways.  Today’s track is somewhere right in the middle, leaning more towards the euro side.  The only thing it’s missing:  the soaring female vocal paired with the deep-voiced swedish male rapping :).

Ed. Note: Throughout my music production, I have found that the best tracks have been those that have brought my computer to it’s knees due to high processing requirements.  This one definitely is guilty of both being one of the best ones, as well as having crashed my computer.


While making this track I kept thinking that this is what I expect house to be like in Japanese discotheques.

I really like the lead in here.  I’ve been using a synth called synth1 for a while.  Apparently it’s been around for ages but some people dislike the complexity.  If you’re into production, I strongly reccomend it.


Roomy, housy trance for your enjoyment.

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