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Karl D – Existential Funk(TranceFunk Dub Mix)

I’ve been talking up the Existential Funk Remixes and B-Sides EP that’s been in the works.

With the release of this crown jewel of the collection, the album Modify Your Mind: The Existential Funk B-Sides and Remix EP is now available in the Free Downloads section.

The electro-breakbeat original gets a tough hardtrance rework in this mix.  Two remixes are available in the full EP: the dub mix included in this post, as well as the full vocal mix. Enjoy the dub mix as a preview, and I’m sure you’ll want to download the whole album in hi-quality 256kbps MP3 format!

(If you haven’t heard the original yet, you can stream or buy it on the Existential Funk page).


Today I have some very European-sounding, uplifting, melodic “Classical” trance for you. I use that term because I think this is less like trance as it stands today, and more like the melodic trance of the mid-90s.

Old Tracks: No Greater Love

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is posting some older original tracks for listeners who may not be familiar with some of the older material. This is the first in a series of related posts.

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my major influences is Eurodance, and nothing shows that better than “No Greater Love”.  I believe I composed this track in late 2001/early 2002.  This song is significant for several reasons:

  • At the time, I used a different kind of sequencing software which was nearly impossible for a serious musician to use, however I had grown very proficient at using it, despite it’s limitations.  The sample based software only had 3 “tracks” which consisted of 16 positions each where you could place notes or drum samples, for a total of 48 total notes or drums in a bar.
  • This was one of the first real melodic songs I ever composed.  I had done some other things, but they were mostly beaty hardhouse.
  • It eventually rose up on independent music site SoundClick’s Euro chart to a top position of #51 out of 1,820.

So, dear listener, I give you, the original and remixed versions of “No Greater Love”.

Karl D – No Greater Love

Karl D – No Greater Love(Remix)


Those who pay even the most devout attention may not be aware that my electronic music pedigree has it’s roots deepest in eurodance.  In some ways, it’s the music that started it all for me.

My favorite kind of electronic music to listen to as well as to DJ with is hardhouse.  I believe that hardhouse grew from Eurodance in many ways.  Today’s track is somewhere right in the middle, leaning more towards the euro side.  The only thing it’s missing:  the soaring female vocal paired with the deep-voiced swedish male rapping :).

Ed. Note: Throughout my music production, I have found that the best tracks have been those that have brought my computer to it’s knees due to high processing requirements.  This one definitely is guilty of both being one of the best ones, as well as having crashed my computer.

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