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randombeats.com Mix Series 07: FOUNDATION – Solid House for an Unstable World

“They might call it house because it’s not a serious production, or has to be planned…it’s just how you feel.  And when you want to say something, you just say it.”

-Unknown sample, House Connection Vol. 2, Bad Boy Bill and Richard “Humpty” Vission

House music never won an award for being complex.  In fact, the simple, escapist nature of house is not lost on me.

It’s for this reason that I feel a strong connection to house.  House has a way of making life’s problems seem insignificant; and in all it’s simplicity, there is so much opportunity and freedom.

This mix is a dose of straight-up house.  The tracks were overwhelmingly created specifically for this mix, which is one reason this has taken so long since the last mix.  With that said, the vision I’ve presented here is one that’s been brewing for some time.  There’s a variety of new remixes of old tracks, as well as some new material, like the other mixes in this series.

This is simple, feel good music, which doesn’t warrant any explanation greater than that.  From here, we can build so much.  Here, there is safety.  This is FOUNDATION. 

  1. (0:00)    2_01 (From random beats, vol. 2)
  2. (1:02)     Karl D – Pump It 2014
  3. (4:07)     Karl D – Feel The Rhythm
  4. (6:58)     Karl D – Foundation Loop 01
  5. (8:15)      Karl D – Foundation Loop 02
  6. (10:02)    Karl D – Awareness(House Mix)
  7. (12:54)     Karl D – Foundation Loop 03
  8. (15:45)     Karl D – Good Vibration
  9. (18:03)    Karl D – True North
  10. (21:28)     Jeff Beal – House Of Cards(Karl D House Mix)
Karl D – FOUNDATION(right click and choose “Save As” to download)

randombeats.com Mix Series 06: SPYGAMES – Paranoid Dubstep and Future-Funk

From the delightful NSA-O-MATIC:

Recently released NSA documents revealed the existence of TUNINGBAZZARE, a full-take collection point that deanonymizes one tenth of all internet traffic. General Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency, assured the public that the program is only used to combat terrorism.

This is generative fiction, and a joke.  However, as the website indicates, “Truth is scarier than fiction.”

Snowden changed the world with the leak of previously private NSA data.  Whether or not you agree with his tactics, it’s apparent we’re living under the shadow of the NSA.  Our data is being commoditized with or without the help of the online services we use.  Like in WarGames, the only way to win is not to play – an increasingly impossible feat given our reliance on technology.

This mix follows the “split-format” first introduced in SHOCKED.
In the first half, you will find a diverse array of modern dubstep produced with the “leftfield” approach that I like to take.  In the 2nd half, the mix will switch to a more experimental, but mid-tempo format.  All of the tunes were either compiled or produced exclusively for this mix to capture the paranoid atmosphere of the U.S. as a whole of the last several months, but in particular the Snowden affair.

This is SPYGAMES. 

1st Movement: Dubstep

  1. (0:00)     5_04(from random beats, vol. 5)
  2. (02:10)    1_14(remix)(from random beats, vol. 1)
  3. (05:01)     Karl D – Infiltrator
  4. (07:32)     5_06(from random beats, vol. 5)
  5. (09:49)    Karl D – Space Station Dub
  6. (13:56)     Karl D – Drone Pilot

2nd Movement: Future Funk and Experimental Beats

  1.  (15:56)    Karl D – The Path
  2. (20:21)     4_10(from random beats, vol. 4)
  3. (22:03)     Karl D – SCAR
  4. (23:13)     Karl D – Trapbeats
  5. (25:15)     Karl D – Open Late
  6. (27:00)     Karl D – Awareness


Karl D – SPYGAMES(right click and choose “Save As” to download)

randombeats.com Mix Series 05: SHOCKED – The Electro House and Breaks Connection

“That’s the thing about house,” a friend once said to me at a party, “It sure is reliable”.

I think he was right, and the same can be said about breakbeat. Fads come and go, but house and breaks are the pillars that hold up electronic music.

Simple ideas are typically the ones that don’t need changing. The way electronic music has survived over the years is by keeping to the basics.

The first movement of this mix represents a modern interpretation of electro – an exciting set of mid-tempo, aggressive house. You’ll notice a couple of remixes in this half especially that were created just for this mix(and will be released on this site for general download soon).
Halfway through, this mix switches gears, going into breaks territory. The tracks in this set all are quite modern from a production standpoint, but all owe a great deal to the original electro-breaks sound of the 1980s that gave birth to modern electronic music culture.

This is SHOCKED.

1st Movement:  Electro House

  1. (0:00)      Karl D – Dante’s Revenge
  2. (02:25)    Karl D – Logic Bomb
  3. (05:05)    Karl D – Reactor(Remix)
  4. (06:41)     Karl D – Shocking
  5. (10:57)     Robyn – Dancing on My Own

2nd Movement:  Electro Breaks

  1.  (15:34)     Karl D – 4_07(from random beats, vol. 4)
  2. (17:58)     Karl D – So Many Different People
  3. (20:23)     Karl D – 3_11(from random beats, vol. 3)
  4. (24:14)      Above and Beyond – Indonesia
  5. (26:38)     Karl D – Typhoon


Karl D – Shocked(Right click and choose Save As to download)

randombeats.com Mix Series 04: Pattern Recognition – A Dark Techno Introspection

Humans spend the bulk of their lives developing experiences, which in turn change our own perceptions.  These perceptions later become “filters” – assumptions that you make subconsciously about the world around you.  For centuries, this is how the human race has survived – it has shaped our ability as individuals to assess threats, as well as guide our overall evolution to become top-ranking members of the food chain. In the modern world, our intellect has become more advanced- but the basis of our psychology has not changed.  At times, this keeps us from learning new things, and we see change as largely a threat.  To truly reach our self-actualized potential, we need to be able to identify these filters before they become a problem.

The tracks presented in this mix are something of a departure from my own comfort zone – I’ve used an array of unconventional techniques to craft the sounds within this mix.  By letting go of my own expectations, I was able to learn from the experience and craft something that even surprised me.  The mix also helped spawn two new tracks, which I am debuting here(“Logic Bomb” and “Ghost“).  Both tracks will be available for individual download in the coming weeks.

Which filters will you allow to shape your existence?  Will you let go of your assumptions to develop new experiences?  This is Pattern Recognition. 

  1. (0:00) Karl D – 3_03(From random beats, vol. 3) + Simian Mobile Disco – Nerve Salad
  2. (1:10) (untitled)
  3. (3:28) Karl D – Trackdown + My Nu Leng – Waltaknocks
  4. (07:03) Karl D – Hex
  5. (11:08) (untitled)
  6. (13:20) Karl D – Logic Bomb
  7. (15:38) Karl D – 4_06(From random beats, vol. 4)
  8. (17:40) Karl D – 1_10(From random beats, vol. 1)
  9. (18:57) Karl D – Ghost
  10. (22:33) Karl D – Mirror-world(Exclusive)

Karl D – Pattern Recognition(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)

randombeats.com Mix Series 03: Night Terrors – The Sound of Minimal Drum and Bass

About once a month for the last year or so, I wake up in the night with what I understand to be night terrors.  These small episodes can best be described as “waking nightmares”.  More common in children, they actually started for me in adulthood. Although quite shocking at the moment, I tend to get more entertainment than terror from remembering that I did something ridiculous the night before(like searching the room for giant animals).

Night terrors can be terrifying, vivid and yet fleeting.  The tracks compiled for this mix all fit that description as well.  Some of the tracks(the untitled ones) are less fully-formed compositions, and more of a coagulation of electronic elements.  These will never be released singularly – they will only be available as part of this mix.

You will be terrified.  You will be thrilled.  When it’s over, you will have no idea what happened.  This is Night Terrors. 

  1. (0:00) (untitled)
  2. (1:30) (untitled)
  3. (4:10) (untitled)
  4. (6:00) Karl D – Aeon
  5. (10:00) Karl D – 3_07(From random beats, vol. 3)
  6. (12:00) (untitled)
  7. (14:25) Karl D – Turbulence
  8. (17:21) Karl D – Momentary(Dark Breaks Mix)
  9. (20:26) Karl D – Hiding in Plain Sight
Karl D Presents – Night Terrors(Download – Right click and select “Save As”)

randombeats.com Mix Series 02: One Minute to Midnight – a Trip Hop Compilation

The next mix in this series was produced relatively quickly, and that’s because most of the groundwork was done in my head when it came time to actually compile it.

Like the last mix, several of the songs are available freely, here on randombeats.com.  Many other tracks help build this predominantly electronic-influenced mix.

Someone recently said that advances in technology have made us forget how to listen to music.  For this reason, I strongly encourage the use of one or more of the following “focus devices” during the course of this mix: big speakers, adult beverages, dim lights, and a reclined posture.  This is One Minute to Midnight.



  1. Lemn Sissay – The Flag(Man From Atlantis mix)
  2. Karl D – Foresight
  3. Karl D – 3rd Level Down
  4. Karl D – 4_03(Remix)
  5. Unkle – Unreal
  6. Portishead – Machine Gun
  7. Karl D – Evening(Karl’s Sunset mix)
  8. Kosheen – Under Fire

Karl D Presents – One Minute to Midnight(Download – Right click and choose Save As)

randombeats.com Mix Series 01: Future Chillout Dubstep

If you’ve been wondering where all the fresh content is lately, it’s because I’ve been working hard on this first installment of what I intend to be a multi-part mix series.

This first mix contains 11 dubstep tracks, sourced mainly from material available here on randombeats.com.  There are also tracks from other artists included here(some of which were remixed on the fly), especially some that you might not normally consider “dubstep-appropriate”.  However, this mix is all about breaking free from tradition and creating one’s existence in their own life.  This is Future Chillout Dubstep.


  1. Karl D – The Exchange(Remix)
  2. Karl D – Toxin(Edit)
  3. Karl D – 5_04
  4. NIN – 3 Ghosts 1(Karl D Re-Edit)
  5. Benga – Light Bulb
  6. Skream – 0800 Dub
  7. Karl D – 3_06
  8. PRGz – Stop and Go(Loop)
  9. Kosheen – Marching Orders
  10. Karl D – Futuredub
  11. Above and Beyond – Home

Karl D Presents – Future Chillout Dubstep(Download – Right click and choose Save As)

Karl D – November 2009 Drum n’ Bass mix

Relatively speaking, it’s been a while since the last post, no?  Did you think I forgot about you?

Actually, I’ve been enjoying a little downtime from the site.  The release of the Electronic Monk EP was somewhat of a major accomplishment(especially immediately following random beats vol. 4), so I welcomed a little rest.

I’m getting back into the swing of things by delivering to you this tough drum n’ bass mix.  This mix has some of my favorite dnb tunes right now, as well as some older favorites.  Overall this mix maximizes on loudness and keeps the energy going up until the very end.

  1. Prodigy – Voodoo People(Pendulum mix)
  2. Drumsound & Simon “Bassline” Smith – Firewall
  3. Matrix & Danny J – Domino
  4. Narcosis – Escape Route
  5. Hive – Surreal Killer
  6. Total Science – Make Me Feel
  7. SUV – Continuum

Karl D – November 2009 DnB mix

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