…And a Firefox one too..  The worst kind.

Unfortunately I’ve found the site has a bit of a bug with the Audio Player we use.  It seems that with Firefox 3 and Flash 10, if you explore the site using the “Tags” feature, the sound from any of the players will be distorted.  I’ve seen better results from using IE7.  Another alternative would be to download(coming soon) the old tracks you want to hear, or use Winamp to connect to our feed(which will also allow you download ability).  Another one yet is to listen to the tracks on the front page of the site(which seem unaffected).

Any of those methods would ensure clear, distortion-free audio.  I hope to troubleshoot this issue more when I have time.

UPDATE 12/15/08 – This is what we in IT call an ID-10T error(or, if you like, PEBCAK).  The files that were making the trouble were encoded incorrectly, in 48 KHZ, rather than 44 KHZ.  Flash player dosen’t like 48 KHZ so much.  Sorry, I’m fixing it.